Hole-by-Hole Course Description

Hole #1

Par 5- This tee shot is uphill but once you get to the 200 yard marker at the dog leg, the green is slightly downhill from there. When hitting your approach shot, the telephone poles behind the green are a good aiming point because the hillside will kick the ball to the right.

Hole #2

Par 4- This hole is another good opportunity for birdie. Set yourself up with a comfortable yardage by hitting the correct club off the tee, unless you are a bit hitter and want to go for the green. This green is very receptive as long as you can avoid the false front, just keep in mind there is a pond behind the green, so approach shots that miss long might get wet.

Hole #3

Par 3- The tee box is slightly elevated on this long par 3 and the wind is usually in your face so it typically plays true to the yardage. There are bunkers on both sides of the green and par is a good score on this hole.

Hole #4

Par 4- This might be the most challenging hole on the golf course. While standing on the tee box you will notice the water on the left and O.B. on the right. Hitting the fairway is at a premium, so hit your straightest club off the tee in order to keep it in play. The approach is slightly downhill to a green that slopes away from you so take a little off of your approach shot and let it roll out to the hole.

Hole #5

Par 4- This hole is a slight dog leg right and reachable for long hitters. The smart play is to leave yourself about 100 yards out for your approach shot so that you have a flat lie.  The approach is downhill to take less club when hitting into the green.

Hole #6

Par 5- After an uphill tee shot, you will want to put yourself in good position to hit into this tricky green. The approach is slightly uphill, and shots commonly come up short- especially when going for it in two. While this hole seems easy enough, the green is small and undulated in order to protect par.

Hole #7

Par 4- You will want to hit your tee shot down the left side of the fairway because of the left to right slope. Approach shots will be downhill, so take less club when hitting into the green. This green slopes steeply from back to front, and any approach shots that go long will be difficult to get up and down.

Hole #8

Par 3- This tee shot is straight up hill, so make sure take plenty of club. With the steep hill in front and the green sitting in a bowl, there is no reason to leave you approach short


Hole #9

Par 4- This tee shot is downhill with OB all along the right side and trees to the left. The best play is to make sure you hit the fairway by hitting a shorter club off the tee.  The fairway slopes left to right, so favor the left half of the fairway on your tee shot. The green also slopes left to right and a little bit away from you so take that into consideration when hitting your approach.

Hole #10

Par 4- While it may be tempting to hit driver and try to reach the green, the smart play is to hit iron off the tee.  You will want to leave yourself about 100 yards so that you can see the pin for your approach shot. The green is elevated, so be sure and take extra club. If you try to go for the green on your tee shot, you will need to carry it 260 yards and avoid the OB down the left side of the hole.

Hole #11

Par 5- There is OB all along the left side of the hole, so the miss will be to the right side. As you near the green you will be hitting slightly downhill to a sloped green. Approach shots that miss long of the green will be difficult to get up and down, so it is better to miss short.

Hole #12

Par 4- This hole features a blind tee shot with a target as an aiming point. The target is as far left as you should aim, because of the hilly landing area. If you look to the right of the target you will see a road off in the distance- that is a good aiming point for your tee shot. The green slopes away from you on your approach shot, so be sure and take that into consideration.

Hole #13

Par 3- This hole is straight forward, just do not miss the green to the left. Shots missed to the right side will kick off of the hillside and end up either on or around the green. The green also slopes right to left.

Hole #14

Par 4- This hole is a sharp dog leg right. If you want to cut the corner, you must negotiate the lake. The safe play is to take less club and hit it to the corner, setting yourself up for a slight downhill approach shot.



Hole #15

Par 3- This green is slightly elevated and features a deep bunker on the left side. With the pond on the right, the safe shot is to hit the middle of the green to have the best chance for birdie.

Hole #16

Par 4/5- Par is a good score on this hole. This hole is a slight dog leg left with trees all along the left side. The best tee shots are those shaped right to left, if not hitting something short of the trees on the far side will leave you a great angle into the green. A large green-side tree blocks the left half of the green, favoring the right side off the tee is beneficial.


Hole #17

Par 4- This hole is a good opportunity for a birdie. It has a wide fairway, with plenty of room to miss on the right side. You will want to hit your approach to the middle of this green because of the false front and a lot of undulation on the sides of the green.

Hole #18

Par 4- On this hole you will be hitting from an elevated tee box. Avoid missing to the left, there is plenty of room to the right. Your approach shot will be up hill so make sure and use enough club.